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Opening Times

The Pasture is open every day from 10am to dusk. The Pasture may be closed in winter due to adverse weather conditions and flooding. Groups may visit the Pasture by arrangement at other times (get in touch:


The Pasture

The Pasture is a wild meadow. It is a bit rough in places and can be very wet after rain and in the late autumn/winter/early spring months. Make sure you have stout footwear, particularly at these times of year, and watch your step as you wander around. It will take you about 20-30 minutes to walk around the Pasture, but much longer if you linger awhile to appreciate its beauty. A list of wildlife you might see on your visit is posted on the Noticeboard by the entrance, where there is a map of the site. There is usually a volunteer warden present to help you with any enquiries or problem.

There is one short hard surfaced all-weather footpath, which takes you alongside butterfly border and the pond to a seating area. This is suitable for those a little unsteady on their feet, for wheelchairs and pushchairs. Other access around the Pasture is by way of informal grassy footpaths. There are a number of seats provided for visitors.

You will see that some areas are not to be walked across. These are being kept as undisturbed areas for wildlife. Please observe the boundaries of these areas and do not venture into them and keep children under control. Respect wildlife at all times: do not pick flowers or take anything from the site – leave for others to enjoy. If you see anything unusual, we would love to hear from you.

We are sorry but this site is not suitable for dogs and they are not allowed to enter the site. There are no toilets or picnic tables.

Access is free of charge, but as a small registered charity we rely on donations and the support of our Friends to maintain and restore the Pasture. If you can make a small contribution now or at the end of your visit this is much appreciated.



Long Lane Pasture lies in North London, in the London Borough of Barnet, on the border between postal districts N3 and N2. It is bounded by the North Circular Road, the Northern Line railway, Pointalls Allotments land and Long Lane. It is accessed by a pedestrian gate which leads off a footpath at the end of a short access road (opposite Finchley Fire Station) just by the North Circular Road bridge over Long Lane.

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How to Get There

By Bus:
The 143 stops in Long Lane just past Squires Lane cross roads. From here, cross Squires Lane and continue down Long Lane until just before the North Circular Road bridge, turn right and at the end of the short access road to a garage you will see the pedestrian entrance gate to the Pasture.

Nearest Tube:
Finchley Central Station on the Northern Line. It is a 15 minute walk from here.

By Car:
There is free parking in Long Lane. Do not park in the access road leading up to the Pasture. This is for the use of the adjacent householder only.


Wildlife You Might See


All Year
House Sparrow
Long-tailed Tit
Pied & Grey Wagtail
Song Thrush
Wood Pigeon


Flocks of Starlings

Other Wildlife

Throughout the Pasture
Bank Vole
Field Mice



Common Blue
Holly Blue
Large Skipper
Large White
Meadow Brown
Painted Lady
Small Tortoiseshell
Small White
Small Skipper
Speckled Wood

Wasp Spider



You are invited to quietly enjoy Long Lane Pasture. Please respect the environment and take care to keep any disturbance to a minimum. The following Regulations, made under clause 3.20 of the Trust Deed of Long Lane Pasture Trust (LLPT), are aimed at protecting the site for the benefit of both its visitors and its wildlife residents.

Opening times are displayed on the notice board adjacent to the public entrance gates. LLPT may close or restrict access from time to time.

No vehicle or equipment, whether power driven or not, may be brought onto the Pasture without the prior permission of LLPT. This general prohibition on vehicles and equipment includes, but is not confined to, lorries, cars, motorbikes, bicycles, roller skates and skateboards. Wheelchairs or similar for people with disabilities are permitted.

Visitors may bring and consume food and drink on the Pasture provided this does not involve cooking or result in nuisance or litter. No person under the age of 18 years may consume alcohol on the Pasture.

The following are not permitted:

  1. Bringing a dog or other animal or creature on to the Pasture.
  2. Introducing any creature or plant into the pond or elsewhere.
  3. Planting, removing, pruning or otherwise tending any plant.
  4. Disturbing the wildlife.

Only activities which do not cause a nuisance to other visitors, Pasture neighbours or LLPT, or disturbance to wildlife are permitted. The following are NOT PERMITTED.

  1. Depositing rubbish or polluting material, except in the waste bins.
  2. Any commercial act such as displaying, selling or hiring goods or services.
  3. Meetings, including religious, political or sports meetings. But meetings for educational purposes are encouraged by prior arrangement.
  4. Erecting any furniture, stand or structure.
  5. Fixing or displaying any sign.
  6. Using any radio, music machine, public address system or similar.
  7. Playing games with balls or frisbees.
  8. Flying model aeroplanes, kites or similar.
  9. Lighting fires, stoves, barbecues or fireworks.
  10. Climbing trees, walls, fences or artifacts.
  11. Damaging, dislodging, defacing, moving or interfering with the installations, artifacts or soil of the Pasture.
  12. Photography if it is for publication or commercial purposes. Such photography requires LLPT’s permission and a charge will be made. This restriction does not apply to private, non-commercial and non-published photography.
  13. Any illegal act.

Anyone breaching these regulations may be asked to leave the Pasture and/or be banned from entering the Pasture again at the discretion of LLPT or its agents. Persons who do not obey the signs on the Pasture or the reasonable instructions from LLPT or its agents may be removed by reasonable force.

LLPT or its management may amend these Regulations at any time.

By Order of the Board of Long Lane Pasture Trust 1 June 2009